Shalimar: Greatest Desi Food in America

Shalimar is located in the scenic part of San Francisco known as the Tenderloin, or to frequent visitors as “The Loin.” The Loin is known for many things, but Shalimar is what puts it on the map. This “hole in the wall” – trust me, it is – has the best desi food these tastebuds have encountered. Traversing the Bay has become an occasion I look forward to simply to eat at “Shalis.” This restaurant has filled many a ravenous ‘brothers’ stomach. Shalimar 532 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 928-0333


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One response to “Shalimar: Greatest Desi Food in America

  1. Do Not Be Fooled By Pretty Words And Confused Individuals.

    Shalimar is a nothing short of a filthy restaurant sitting in the filthiest neighborhood of the greater Bay Area.

    If you are looking to get sick, watch crack cocaine addicts shoot up in the streets, and have drunken women hit on you – then go to Shalimars.

    Otherwise, go anywhere else.

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