The Fiqh of Denim

Walaikum assalam wa rahmatullah, Barak Allahu feekum. In terms of prayer: if the knee is not visible to the onlooker during the actions of the prayer, then prayer is both valid and permitted in such jeans. Outside the prayer: if the knee area becomes clearly uncovered to the onlooker (someone standing a customary distance away, not the person “closely examining” you), then it would not be permitted to wear such jeans in the Hanafi school (because the awra is from below the navel to below the knees)–in the Shafii school, the knee itself is not from the awra. And Allah alone gives success. Wassalam, Faraz Rabbani


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  1. I’m glad he cleared that up. It’s been bothering my for some time now.

    What morron asked that question?!?

    Advice for the questioner: LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE

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