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US memo shows Iraq jail methods


“The top US general in Iraq authorised interrogation techniques including the use of dogs, stress positions and disorientation, a memo has shown.”




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Shaykh Bin Baa Leads the Umma in a Historical Prayer

Shaykh Bin Baa Leads the Umma in a Historical Prayer
No goat has publicly led jum’a prayers in 1426 years, but now there is a growing demand from goats in America to reclaim what they say is their Islamic right to a more dignified entry into the mosque and to active participation. Shaykh Bin Baa is the leading Muslim scholar on Islamic Farming whose decision to lead Jum’a on March 18th 2005 has caused awareness about the movement world-wide, but threats of violence against the goat and the congregation have led organizers to move the event to a discrete farmland, where those wishing to join in must respond by RSVP. “Just vayt until Eid al-Adha,” shouts one angry Desi uncle.

Shaykh Bin Baa is nationally and internationally known for his ground breaking book “Qur’an and Goats: Rereading the Sacred Text from a Goat’s Perspective.” Research from the Qur’an and the customs of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) demonstrate that there is no prohibition precluding goats from leading mixed-species prayer.

On March 18, 2005 Muslim goats will reclaim their right to be spiritual equals and leaders. In addition there will be an all out goat protest demanding that goats be allowed to slaughter men, women and children for Qurbani. They base this on the fact that all Medieval Muslim scholars were carnivorous, thus, under the blind influence of their goatly desires, where unable to make a truthful and balanced ijtihad. Dr. Goat Bin Baah stated after chewing some hay, “These medieval traditionalists were so awe stuck by the taste and smell of goat meat that they were unable to make a healthy ijtihad. Baah, excuse me. Thus, it is up to us to assume the mantle of our wronged ancestors and move past the ancient scholarship that has kept us under the knife for so long. Either we get the knife, or die trying!”

Although it was mentioned to the goats that jum’a prayer is not an obligation upon them, they suddenly lowered their heads and decided to make, no pun intended, a point. When one of the goats was asked for a sincere fiqhi explanation for these actions, the only response was, “Baah.”

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Al-Azhar – courtyard

Photo by Martin Wierzbicki. [Link]

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Islamic Science: Rebuilding the Past


“Western science owes much to Islam’s golden age — a debt that is often forgotten. To help redress the balance, Fuat Sezgin has reconstructed a host of scientific treasures using ancient Arabic texts.”



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American Muslim: A New Identity?

“Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US, yet one in four Americans regard Muslims living among them with suspicion. What does it mean to be both Muslim and American?”




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Quote of the Day

“This world is a place of endeavour, so combine your inward state with your outward temperament and actions. Even the holy Prophet used to stand for such a length of time at prayers that his legs used to get swelled.”

Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi, Mujaddid Alf Thani cited in Nadvi, Saviours of Islamic Spirit, pp. 144-45

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Thought of the Day

There are friends in word, and friends in deed; ’tis better to have the latter.


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