Muslim leaders warn of mounting Islamophobia after attacks on mosques

Five days of reprisals

THURSDAY 7 JULY Hayes, west London: Asian woman reports attempted arson attack.

Merton, south London: Five white men arrested after throwing bottles at Sikh temple windows.

Southall, west London: Asian family attacked at their home.

FRIDAY 8 JULY Bristol: Bottles thrown at the Jamia mosque.

Leeds: Arson attack on the Jamiat Tablighul Islam Mosque in Armley. Lighted cloth put through the window.

SATURDAY 9 JULY Mile End, London: 19 windows broken at Mazahirul Uloom mosque.

Tan Bank, Wellington, Shropshire: Firebomb attack on a mosque. West Mercia police step up patrols around places of worship.

SUNDAY 10 JULY Birkenhead: Shajala Mosque is set ablaze with petrol bombs, trapping a cleric inside.

MONDAY 11 JULY Bradford: Pakistani Consulate in Laisterdyke area of the city attacked by arsonists



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