HARDtalk: Creating an Islamic State?

In light of recent world events this interview is prescient. Tim Sebastian tears into Dr. Imran Waheed, representative of Hizb Ut Tahrir (HT) in the UK. Tim Sebastian gets to the point very quickly: “Where are the millions marching?” Dr. Waheed can’t answer, since HT is not a mass movement, and there is no Islamic state coming, despite the claims of Dr. Waheed.

When pressed on how this Muslim super state could come about, Dr Waheed talks of utilising armies across Muslim countries, in a kind of wake up call:

“All it takes is one phone call to a general in one of the armies in the Muslim world to realise its about time he rescued the dignity of Muslim people from the Western colonialists.”

In the 50 or so years HT has been around what have they accomplished towards their geo-political ambitions? The answer: nothing, save extremely loud rhetoric. Lastly, what exactly is an Islamic state anyway in this day and age? Links: The interview can be found here [Note: requires RealPlayer]. Another HT related website.


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