Islam and Extremism in the UK

After culling the BBC archives I found the following interviews/reports on Islam, Muslims, and extremism. All media links require RealPlayer.

HARDtalk with Abu Hamza al-Masri

In a Hardtalk Interview on 7th February, Tim Sebastian talk to Sheik Abu Hamza al-Masri. [Link to BBC site.]

HARDtalk with Bashir Maan

In a HARDtalk interview on 18th August, Tim Sebastian talks to Bashir Maan, the President of the National Association of British Pakistanis, about why members of the UK’s Muslim community are being sent pamphlets preparing them for a possible terrorist attack. [Link to BBC site.]

Hizb ut Tahrir

An influential British Muslim has told Newsnight that unless action is taken against an extreme Muslim group operating in the United Kingdom then we could soon be experiencing terrorist attacks along the lines of those in Baghdad and Jerusalem.

Watch the interview. [Link to BBC site.]


As we have been repeatedly reminded by prominent Moslems in this country, it is unfair to paint the community as extremists. But some extremists do exist, and prominent among them is the organisation Al Muhajiroun.

It wants this country to become an Islamic state, and refuses to condemn terror attacks here. In fact, it applauds the perpetrators of the murders of 11 September. Richard Watson had access to the organisation, and met some of their recruits.

Watch the report. [Link to BBC site.]

My brother the Taleban fighter

What makes a young man give up a comfortable home in Britain and go to Afghanistan to fight for the Taleban? Ajmal Khan, a British Muslim, travels to Afghanistan to rescue his brother from prison. Sue Lloyd-Roberts went with him. To watch the programme, select the link below:

Watch the report. [Link to BBC site.]


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