So will the real Tariq Ramadan please stand up?

These young Muslims were born of two parents – one their Muslim community and the other British society. We need to blame both parents and both share our responsibilities Tariq Ramadan

“That’s all wrong,” he says. “My work is about what it is to be truly Muslim and truly European at the same time. And that is why I get the support that I have found.”

“Lets say you are vegetarian and a poet, and you are at a dinner. You are going to say you are vegetarian. But at a party, you will say you are a poet.

“We all have multiple identities which are also moving identities – and this is what European Muslims must solve. How can they remain true to their ethics and values? I think they need to start by getting rid of some of the confusion over what are Muslim values.”


Listen to his interview with the BBC Radio 4 [Note: requires RealPlayer].


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