First Annual Brass Donkey Awards

Haroon Mogul of Avari/Nameh has innagurated the First Annual Brass Donkey Award that will select the worst on the web regarding Islam and Muslims. In Haroon’s words the award is:

“[Y]our opportunity to finally call out the most outrageously ill-informed, moronic, ungrammatical, racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic garbage, which litters many corners of the web and occasionally makes a stink in our respective comment boxes, the genetic lottery winners who boldly and anonymously declare, on our websites, in CAPITAL LETTERS, that we Muslims are “a race of pigs” who should be “nuked and then pissed upon…””

The categories from Brass Donkey Award (BDA) are listed below.


1. Most Lopsided BlogThis category honors the blog that has the least reason to exist, by providing us the kind of imbalanced information that renders the blog perfectly perpendicular to reality. (You cannot walk on it, but you can bang your head into it.)

2. Least Interesting Post This category honors the most poorly-written post ever, which no one can get through, at least not without the aid of caffeine, nicotine or adrenaline. (Must we have proof you finished the post, to confirm it really wasn’t worth concluding?)

3. Post Most Likely To Have Been Posted By an Uncle This category honors the most redundant post; alternatively, it highlights the excessive use of bad analogies, similes and/or metaphors. (In other words, the type of post you could take to your masjid on Friday and make into a sermon. Shudder.)

4. Most Annoying Commenter Basically Flanstein.

5. Most Incendiary Blogger The blogger who most relies on imperialistic rhetoric, whether that be right-wing, Islamist, Maoist or Capitalist, who is so flammable that he ends up pissing you off, and in fact only gains attention by inverse proportion to his education.

6. Worst Group Blog The blog that brings together a number of luckless personalities, who need to come together to do what anyone else, on her own, could easily do. In other words, an argument for monarchy, tyranny, or perhaps autocracy.



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