Battle of Yarmouk (636 CE)

YarmoukA picture of Yarmuk – the battle ground of one of the most decisive battles in Muslim history (in 636 CE, between the Muslims and the Byzantines/al-Rum).


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3 responses to “Battle of Yarmouk (636 CE)

  1. Final Boss

    Mashaá allah.

    Yesterday I read the 2 chapters of the battle of Yarmuk in the book “Sword of Allah”.
    Awsome battle. Awsome book. here is a link:

    Also, from the discription in the book I located the battlefield by Google earth. here are the coordinates:

    “Jamuú Hill”
    lat=32.8600804023, lon=35.9976133571

    this is a hill where a part of the muslim army deployed.

    Thanks for the photograph, it puts things in prespective.

  2. ibn hareets

    Great Reading…
    Good book

  3. sayeed islam

    asalaam, writer, i want to know detail of aal muslims battle, since our beloved prophet(s.w.a) MOHAMMED, 25 N 225 BATTLES , if u helpe me , please write this g mail…. ALLAH BLESS YOU…….

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