China: Traditional Muslim “Village” Draws Crowds

Yinchuan, 25 Oct. (AKI) – The first ‘village’ dedicated to the Islamic culture of the Hui people has officially opened in Yinchuan in China’s autonomous region of Nigxia. It has been unofficially open to the public for a month and has attracted more than 20,000 visitors. The complex comprises a museum on the Hui culture, an area dedicated to the rituals of the Muslim ethnic group, and a zone displaying miniature versions of various Chinese mosques.

The park has cost around ten million dollars and has taken three years to complete. Ningxia, in north western China, is home to one of the main Muslim communities in the country, an estimated two million Huis.

The Hui are the most widely-spread ethnic group in China; over the centuries they converted to Islam and they are present in 97 per cent of cities and districts, even though, apart from in Ningxia, they represent a very small part of China’s population.



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