Trump comes to Dubai


In the land of big and bigger buildings I guess this was inevitable…

From the Economist

Donald Trump, a New York real-estate mogul, may have found his soulmate: Dubai’s booming property market. In a deal signed in October, Nakheel, a state-run developer in Dubai, will brand 17 hotels (including one shaped like a tulip), apartment blocks and other ventures as “Trump? developments. Mr Trump may invest in the projects, but he is not obliged to do so; under the contract, his company will simply take a cut of the proceeds from the Trump-branded developments. Nakheel, which is building three islands in the shape of palms off the Dubai coast, said it hoped the deal would boost its exposure in European and American markets, where Mr Trump is riding a wave of publicity from his television series, “The Apprentice?. No value was given for the contract, but Nakheel claimed that the Trump-branded properties would be worth billions of dollars.


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