“Weblog of a Syrian Diplomat in America”

Have you ever wondered what the Syrian ambassador to the U.S. is thinking? Probably not, but if you are, Imad Moustafa, has a blog: Weblog of a Syrian Diplomat in America, The Journal of the envoy of Syria to the USA. One thing is clear, he likes dropping names, and heaping praise on the missus. A friend of mine thought it was a hoax (read it to see why) but as Joshua Landis writes in his blog, SyriaComment.com, the blog of Imad Mustafa is indeed the real deal.

Ed: I don’t know either why Imad Mustafa opts to spell Edward Said as Edouard in his blog; if you do please leave a comment.



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11 responses to ““Weblog of a Syrian Diplomat in America”

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  2. Jack Regi

    Imad Mustafa is an idiot.

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