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To be honest, I’m surprised that anyone reads this blog. It was not really conceived to provide original content as such – no laundry lists, no stories, no anecdotes, no moments that you won’t normally tell anyone because they’re meaningless but won’t mind spilling out on the internet – nope this isn’t the place for that. It was, and is, designed to provide information and analysis on the Middle East, Islam, Muslims, and other related topics. It would do so by culling the internet, and ocassionally providing some of our thoughts and comments.

Most days, this blog gets very few, if any hits. No matter. Even if no one reads it, it remains a good resource for those that have archived things of interest within it.

On a few occassions, this blog has been linked to by, a fantastic blog run by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, a Canadian by birth(?) who resides in Amman, Jordan and is a scholar of Hanafi fiqh. I’ve learned a great deal from it.

On those days that it has been linked from the hits have skyrocketed. Most recently, linked to this post on the recent stampede at Hajj. The blog hits for one day had never even come anywhere near a 100 before, on that day they broke 200. That particular post was also recorded as’s “Top Posts” for that day.

And subsequently they have returned to where they were. Highs and lows. :-)


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