Michael Jackson’s “Islam” song hoax

UPDATE: We’ve now been informed that MJ song is actually a recording by Zain Bhika. Hikm fell prey to a hoax. Apologies.
We at Hikm received the following email:


Insha’Allah, I have attached a mp3 version of the new Michael Jackson “Islam” track where MJ praises God (Allah SWT) and curses the Devil (Shaytan). Michael recorded this from his new home in Bahrain. I hope that you like it and are patient, Masha’Allah.


To listen, click here.

It seems MJ is going the way of Cat Stevens, or should we say Yusuf Islam. This obviously raises the question, has MJ become Muslim? What a site it would be to see him at a protest moonwalking over a Danish flag.



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6 responses to “Michael Jackson’s “Islam” song hoax

  1. my father sent me the mp3 a week or two ago. i didn’t get that description but it was tagged michael jackson. i was somewhat in disbelief about it being Mr. Jackson, because at times the singer has really good pronounciation. But frankly, don’t have a clue.

  2. I always thought Zain sounded like MJ!! :D

  3. Sohaib

    Of course that is Zain Bhikha. He does sound a bit like MJ, but the nasheed artist who REALLY sounds like MJ is Irfan Makki! Search and you’ll see what I mean…

  4. sue

    this is zain bikha but michael did convet we all waiting for him to conforme it. inshaallah

  5. mohammed sadi rahman

    did mj really become muslim?

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