Iraq: The Four Stages of Withdrawal

The Four Stages of Withdrawal
(Files: 07/03/2006)
The Telegraph

Stage One
Spring-Summer 2006
Responsibility for security in Maysan and Muthanna provinces handed to local authorities.

British troops in Iraq graphic

Remaining British troops in the two provinces ordered to remain in their bases, with around 1,000 withdrawn to the UK or rejoining units already located around Basra.

Stage Two
Early 2007
Remaining British troops leave Maysan and Muthanna.

Responsibility for security in remaining provinces under British jurisdiction, Basra and Dhiqar, handed to local authorities. Troop numbers cut, as those that remain are restricted to training and suppressing emergencies beyond the abilities of Iraqi forces to control.

Stage Three
Spring-Summer 2008
Withdrawal of all remaining troops after Iraqi authorities and security forces are judged to be proficient in maintaining stability without UK help.

Stage Four
Summer 2008 onwards
British presence in Iraq limited to a few hundred servicemen assigned to assist in the continued training of Iraqi police and army units.


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