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Turkish Language Trivia

According to the “The Guinness Book of World Records” the longest unbroken word/sentence in the known world is Turkish:


a 50-letter word/sentence containing 12 suffixes that means:

“Are you in the group of persons that we couldn’t Czechoslovakianize?”


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EU court backs Turkish headscarf ban

While a coup for the Turkish government, or some organs of it anyway, this will do little for Turkish women desiring to receive an education while adhering to their faith, and less still for Turks who prior thought that they could turn to the EU for equal protection. Apparently, the EU is following the French example; there can be little doubt that France’s hijab ban has had some contribution to the past fortnight of violence, specifically in alienating the Muslim population.

Turkey can ban Islamic headscarves in universities, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled.

The court rejected an appeal by a Turkish woman who argued that the state ban violated her right to an education and discriminated against her.

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