Why/how did you choose Hikm to be the title?

It was the smallest Arabic word we could think of to make a decent URL.

Why is the subtitle “an attempt at wisdom?”
No particular reason…just going off of the Hikm name. The subtitle will, most likely, be changing on some sort of semi-regular basis. Other subtitle ideas include: “trying to be wise;” “because Seeker’s Digest was already taken;” “just dorks;” etc… If you have other ideas please do share your ideas through the comments section.

Who are you?

Still trying to figure this one out. We’ll get back to you.

Why do you have a blog?

We’ve had one for a while now, for about two years. It was never updated on a regular basis, and that will probably be true for this one as well. It fell into disarray and WordPress is a far more powerful tool for blogging than Blogger (our previous web-based blog utility). But, to really answer your question, because friends rose up in a mutinous revolt and complained that we were spamming their email boxes with emails. The blog, then, provides one place where all that would have gone out in an email can be read in one place at the leisure of readers (including our dorky selves) .

What’s the point?

This blog is designed for readers who are interested in Islam, the Muslim world, the Middle East, Muslim culture, Islamic history, and other related topics. However, that’s not the only focus, from time to time our posts examine current events occurring either in the U.S. or abroad as well spanning a wide breadth of topics and issues. Ultimately, we post about things that have some relevance to us; we hope they have some resonance to you. Oh yeah, this allows us to document all the stuff we find interesting in one place too (for future research we tell ourselves…a veritable archive).

Why don’t you write more in your posts?

Time. Not enough of it.

But, do you really want to hear our thoughts? Probably not. We would rather the reader reach his/her own conclusion. This, however, is not to say that on occasion you won’t hear our thoughts or witticisms (we think we’re a pretty clever bunch) on an issue or just a bon mot for its own sake. If you’re looking for deep blog analysis and insight feel free to peruse our Blogroll. But for the real nitty-gritty (gasp) you’ll have to pick up a book. We at Hikm love Amazon.com, and hope you do too.


6 responses to “About

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